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"Visions Performing Arts Company has been a fabulous second home for my daughter.  It’s a place where true friendships are made, with staff and students genuinely caring and respecting one another.   My daughter, Brandi, joined the company in 2015, and she has become an incredibly happy twelve year old who is always excited about attending Visions’ rehearsals, special programs and events, and performances.   Brandi has grown tremendously not only in her skill of modeling, dancing, and acting, but also her knowledge and love for performing.  The Visions staff and instructors are wonderful, caring, and patient teachers, who are interested in the children as a whole, which in turn is reflected in the hard work they put in, enabling the most amazing performances to take place.   I am truly thankful for Ms. Tyronda’s vision and dedication to making a difference in the lives of children and her community.   Brandi and I look forward to making many more memories with the Visions Performing Arts family."

Michelle Dyson
Fort Washington, Maryland

"Singing my daughter Tamar up for Visions was one of the BEST decisions I have made for my daughter so far. She has grown in so many ways. They cater to the entire child. Being a single mother with a small family, Visions has been come my extended family. They not only care about how she doing in Dance, Modeling and Drama, but they support and love these children like their own.They call to check on them. Ask about their grades. Come and support them in other events and areas of their lives. If I could change one thing, it would be not signing her up sooner.
I'm proud to say I am  VISION PARENT!"

Stefanie Brackett
Forestville, Maryland

"My daughter has been with the visions performing art center for one year. The program has assisted her with improving her self awareness, confidence, and self esteem.  I am thankful for the program because they have assisted my six year old daughter with finding her true talent.  Thanks so much." 

Quiona Smith
Clinton, Maryland

After speaking with a friend about how she got her children involved in the arts, she suggested that I find  a performing arts company in my area.  I had no clue where to find something in my area that would cater to all of my daughter's gifts and talents.  One Sunday my daughters and I were sitting next to Tyronda Boone in church.  She invited my daughters to audition for the visions adaptation of Cinderella.  My daughter Jordan auditioned and was given a part in the play.  My other daughter Lillie, who used to be shy, started attending Visions as well. Visions has transformed my daughters.  Through visions they have learned dance, drama, runway modeling, directing, leadership and Spanish. 

 The Visions team treat my children like their own children.  There have been numerous times that I have picked my children up from Visions and they said that Visions provided them dinner.  I can not believe all that Visions offers for such a low price.  For school performances, everyone asks me how my children learned to act so well. 

Today's youth look to so many social media outlets for "likes" and validation.  Yet those social media outlets are contributing to the lack of youths ability to be able to thrive in real life scenarios. I can confidently say that Visions students do not need to look to other outlets for validation.  They are encouraged, instructed, and nurtured by the Visions staff.  This results in confident youth that are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone and excel in many aspects including academics, athletics, and the community. I thank Visions for their important role in building the leaders of our future.   

Wendaisha Jones Ray
Camp Springs, Maryland

"My daughter was this little shy child and didn't like being the center of attention. But when she started going to Visions and participating in the various outlets that they offer she has really blossomed into this dancing machine that can't keep still..We really enjoy all that Visions have to offer the kids whether its drama, dance or modeling. Dance has been a very good outlet for Jamari because she loves to dance and it just gives her the opportunity to learn new dance techniques and movements. And the staff are very dedicated to the kids which is always a great thing." 

Jerrica Mcilwain
District Heights, Maryland

"My grandchildren are fairly new to the Visions Performing Art Center program (Visions PAC).  The day I visited Visions PAC I thought that I had only found  a good dance class for them, but it turned out to be an entire program that also offered modeling and theatrical classes as well.  I couldn’t believe it, and thought to myself that this class is a winner for my grandchildren.  The owners of the center and their staff are an amazing group of people.  Their program is 100% children oriented, enjoyable and allows the children to express themselves.  Through observation when dropping or picking up my grandchildren from the center I can honestly say that the program is all about teaching the children and the children learning.  The organization is small, but the ladies are well organized and very professional.  The dance, modeling and theatrical classes they provide are enjoyable and allows the children to express themselves.  My grandchildren love the program because they get a variety of developmental art classes.  Visions PAC is conveniently located not far from me and offers just what I have been looking for in an arts program.  I am so grateful to have Visions PAC in my neighborhood." 

Tawanna M. Glover
Capitol Heights, Maryland

"My name is Donna Harden and my daughter Mariyiah Thompson attends Visions Performing Arts Center where she is learning and advancing in Dance, Acting, and Modeling. Since Mariyiah has been attending VPAC, she has made a lot of new friends, her confidence level has raised tremendously and she is learning what it means to be a VPAC leader and not just a performer. Ms. Tyronda Boone and staff has become apart of our family and i know for sure that placing my daughter in the care of the staff and the program has been the best decision for my daughter thus far. We look forward to coming to VPAC when they have practices and when they have to perform. I would just like to say Thank You to VPAC for just opening their doors and hearts to my daughter. Please continue to help my daughter strive to be excellent and give her best in everything that she does, continue to motivate her in school, and continue to help me instill in her self esteem and foundation. Thanks VISIONS PERFORMING ARTS CENTER for the EXCELLENT WORK that you do with the kids." 

Donna Harden
Washington, DC

"Being new to the area, my eleven-year-old daughter took the transition very hard. She was having a difficult time adjusting in school at the beginning. Her A/B average started slipping. Her attitude started to become negative. She was not her outgoing active self at all thus I had to watch her food intake due to her weight and high cholesterol. All she did was watch TV, play on the computer and lay around. I knew I had to get her back involved but everything was so expensive or didn't work with my work schedule.
She brought home a flyer for auditions for The Wizard of Oz and Aladdin. I told her I felt like it would be good for her to get back into community activities. She was very nervous at first.
Since she has been going to Visions, she is getting back to her old self. She is active and she LOVES dancing. I'm happy that she gets to sing outside of the house. The modeling segment I feel really helps young kids with their confidence and being sure of their selves. My daughter is slimming back down which is a huge plus in her over all health. Things at school have improved she finish out the school year with grades that reflect her capability.

I truly feel that my child joining Visions has played a major part in helping making this transition a little easier. My child looks forward to going to be around other kids interested in what she likes."

Kenyatta Bennett
Suitland, Maryland

"My daughter has been with Visions Performing Arts for about a year and I have seen a change in her, especially in regards to her confidence level. The opportunities that are given to the children to perform and display their talents are wonderful. Visions provides a positive and safe place for the kids to express themselves through the arts and in addition to that the kids are always greeted with love and a sense of being with an extended family every time they walk in and out of the door which is something that a lot of our youth are missing. With the direction of Ty and her staff our kids are given the foundation to grow and develop their talents. I am very grateful to be a part of this group and I honestly feel that the effort and time that they put into our children is outstanding!!"

Rashawn Jones
Upper Marlboro, Maryland

"My experience with Visions Performing Arts has been great for my daughter. Its given her so much confidence in herself to want to continue acting,dancing and singing as a possible career. Ms.Tyronda Boone is great with the children day in and day out getting them ready for different shows.  We love Visions Performing Arts."

Sharonda Smith
Waldorf, Maryland

"My name is Tasha Portee and I have a 12 year old daughter name Trinity who has been an active participant in Visions Performing Arts for 3 years now. When we first started with Visions, Trinity was nervous and a little shy but Visions has given her the confidence to perform whether it was in front of the Howard Theatre to Harmony Hall. Tyronda Boone, Cisha Nelson, and Dana Prince have been so instrumental in pouring into this organization.  They provide a platform for young rising children and with their vision these children have endless possibilities.  I remember when Trinity was starring in her lead role as Annie, I thought she would be nervous but instead she was a natural.  Time and effort is put diligently into every performance and it amazes me every time I see a performance.  Visions has now added modeling and dance and it’s amazing, the instructors are patient and take extra time to work with a child individually.  Although the children work hard, they play as well. Visions has fun activities for the children such as movie night, skating events, free night out for parents and also a kiddie dance. They haven’t forgotten about the importance of a child’s education, they have implemented tutoring for math, reading, science and Spanish.  I couldn’t be more proud to attest that this is the very best fit for a parent that is looking for their child to blossom on so many levels."

Tasha Portee
Forestville, Maryland

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